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Uncover and address patient social needs.

Social determinants of health (SDOH) screening and intervention shouldn't be cumbersome.


Oasis is your turnkey solution around SDOH staffing, patient engagement, and technology.

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Empowering you to
implement SDOH programs.

With new HEDIS quality measures around social determinants of health (SDOH) screening and intervention coming in 2023, there is an urgency to ramp up your SDOH initiatives. But how do you convince your providers to add another administrative task to their workflow? How do you hire enough staff to help patients address their social needs?

With Oasis, you get an out-the-box solution that can be rolled out the next day. Our SMS screening tool uncovers patient social needs in a destigmatizing fashion; and our social needs intervention solution empowers patient to navigate their social care either by themselves or with a trusted Oasis Community Health Advocate.


No disruptions to the clinical workflow. No additional staff needed. It's that simple.

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Automated SDOH Screening

Uncover your patients' social needs without overburdening your clinical staff. Put patients at ease with a private experience, improving the likelihood of truthful responses.

Self-Serve Social Resource Guide

Empower lower risk patients to immediately make sense of how to find help, instead of waiting hours or days for your care coordination team to call.

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Scalable Care Coordination

Only send higher risk patients to your care coordination team. Or connect patients to our team of Community Health Advocates to navigate their social needs.

Closed Loop Referrals: Check in with patients on social resource utilization and feedback in the same text chain

Data Insights: Structured individual and aggregate patient data, with social care ROI analytics

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Our Impact

Up to 17% boost in value-based contract profits by excelling at  SDOH quality goals (e.g. screening & intervention rate)


Lower downstream cost of care (e.g. 25% reduction in preventable hospital admissions)


Faster adoption of ACO SDOH initiatives, shortening rollout from months to days


Higher patient satisfaction, saving patients 5 hours per week vs. finding help on their own

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